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About Us

Sunny clouds is a Japanese clothing brand established in 1999 under the Felissimo Corporation with the belief of creating and delivering happiness. Although initially only sold in Japan, Sunny clouds continues to deliver happiness in new territories and is now available for sale in North America.

Brand History

Sunny clouds first began tailoring dresses for adults and children as the only products. Now, Sunny clouds has launched a handful of clothing styles for every season. From the original Hawaiian floral design that has been continuously launched for 8 years, to the ultra light thermal outerwear that has retained the highest popularity for 5 years, to the newest classic plaid series, these are all the milestones of Sunny clouds’ growth process.


“Easy fit, smooth touch, pleasant texture. Those are things that we care about.”


Our Principle

Sunny clouds believes in one principle: providing a collection of comfortable and pleasant-feeling daily wear. Fabric production, tailoring, sewing, textile printing, final polishing, and other post-processes all follow this principle. We believe in the value of investing in everyday, quality pieces that can be worn without hesitation rather than occasional, less versatile pieces.


Clothing should be about unique textures, quality materials, and comfort. Sunny clouds takes pride in and instills these qualities in clothes. Through repeated trial and error, the designers and craftsmen of Sunny clouds have succeeded in offering a collection of clothing based on careful thought and selection — continuously innovating and polishing styles and details, even down to the piece of a single button. Every piece of work is filled with passion and devotion.

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